Geo Data Collector 1.0 iOS has launched!

Geo Data Collector iOS has officially launched on July 27, 2022!

We’ve been working extremely hard on this app for several years

We’ve got a big ambitious roadmap and we know field workers/surveyors will love this app

It really streamlines workflows and makes it easy to collect data and share collected data




Apps November 2021

Apps November 2021

We are excited to be launching in November 2021

  • Map Discovery Advanced Mapping App 1.0 iOS and Android
  • Portable Tile Server Android 1.1 with vector tiles to raster tiles dynamic conversion and ATAK/WINTAK/ITAK XML Endpoint
  • Print Map 1.1 with new features like draw and user geojson and about 20 new map styles
  • Map Explorer 1.0 with catalog data loading and support for digitizing/drawing and loading GeoJSON


GEOINT Apps Update

GEOINT Apps Update

GEOINT Apps Update

as of March 2021 the Department of Defense removed Tech Maven Geospatial from the NGA GEOINT App Store

for November/December 2021 we will be launching on Commercial App Stores – Apple App Store and Google Play Store

GEOINT Data Explorer iOS 

GeoNames Map Explorer iOS

1.0  Apple App Store launches of these apps previously on the GEOINT App Store

  • Military Symbology APP6/MilSpec2525
  • GRG Builder – Grid Reference Graphic
  • Range Rings/Distance Rings
  • Live Location Tracking/Blue Force Tracking via Traccar
  • Advanced GeoPackage Support
  • Weather features
Special Promotional Period for Mobile Apps

Special Promotional Period for Mobile Apps

Tech Maven Geospatial has decided to offer our apps for free for a few months to solicit feedback, get reviews and ratings and build a good community around our products.

We are NOT advertising or selling data or performing any tracking

The next versions of our apps will include free trial and then in-app purchase to unlock the app and also in-app purchases for unlocking additional capabilities and data

We are kindly asking that you please take the opportunity to leave a review and send your comments/suggestions/feedback to feedback at

Tech Maven geospatial is proud to support the new place key location index

Tech Maven geospatial is proud to support the new place key location index

We have integrated it in our mobile apps

  • Go to coordinate
  • coordinate converter
  • location share feature


“y”: “31.77311933”,
“x”: “-86.86645512”,
“gars”: “187LD18”,
“what3words”: “cook.breezed.beanstalk”,
“pluscode”: “863MQ4FM+6C”,
“mgrs”: “16REA1264415295”,
“elevation”: 115.82,
“placekey”: “@8gn-2n3-3yv”

Go To Coordinate

Coordinate Converter

PlaceKey support will be added to:

1.2 GeoNames Map Explorer iOS

1.1 Earth Explorer 3D Map App for Apple App Store and Google Play Store and 1.0 of Geoint App store

1.1 GEOINT Data Explorer

1.1 Geo Data Explorer Android Google Play

1.0 Geo Data Explorer iOS Apple App Store

1.0 MapDiscovery iOS and Android

1.1 Portable Tile Server

Earth Explorer 3D Map app iOS and Android with PlaceKey support

Go to PlaceKey

Convert PlaceKey to Lat Long (coordinate converter)

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