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FOSS4G NA 2024

FOSS4G NA Presentation Proposal: Open Data Discovery and Viewing in Terriajs

Thank you for submitting your presentation proposal titled “Open Data Discovery and Viewing in Terriajs” for this year’s FOSS4G NA 2024. We will notify the primary contact once we have had time to consider all proposals, but until then you can see and edit your proposal at https://talks.osgeo.org/foss4g-na-2024/me/submissions/KJC9DH/.

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FOSS4G NA 2024 Program Committee

Full proposal content:

Proposal title: Open Data Discovery and Viewing in Terriajs

Abstract: Build an open data searchable application and mapping/data visualization system with TERRIAJS ingest in OpenData Catalog formats and Mapping Service URL’s in a discoverable application. connecting to many OpenData Protocols

Description: Many organizations and governments publish open data catalogs but many people still struggle on how to integrate this into their applications and workflows Terriajs catalog capability offers a great way to connect to these services CSW-catalog service for the web, CKAN, SOCRATA, SDMX, THREDDS- Thematic Real-time Environmental Distributed Data Services, MAGDA, OpenDataSoft, ESRI ArcGIS REST Services Directory, ESRI ArcGIS Portal Folder and Others (Terriajs does not do STAC-Spatial Temporal Asset Catalog or OGC API Records)
Terriajs supports nearly all ESRI and OGC Mapping Services and Tile Layers so adding layers to the map is easy as well as file based formats like GeoJSON, KML, GPX, CSV/TSV. The speaker will demonstrate some python scripts and a web application to build INIT/JSON Catalogs to load into terriajs.

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