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FOSS4G NA 2024

FOSS4G NA Presentation Proposal: Using WebAssembly packages to deliver stand-alone GIS Web Apps

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Full proposal content:

Proposal title: Using WebAssembly packages to deliver stand-alone GIS Web Apps

Abstract: Using Geospatial Web Assembly packages, javascript packages and modern progressive web app methods to deliver immersive rich data visualization, analysis, data conversion and data serving applications that can run in the browser/static hosting and be stand-alone.

Description: Feature rich interactive Web GIS solutions stand-alone deployable applications to Static hosting ( AZURE Blob Storage or S3 Bucket or GC Storage or github /gitlab pages) no server-side code.

Building interactive mapping and dashboard applications (potentially using PWA progressive web app architecture service worker and ability to be mobile friendly) powered by opensource JavaScript/TypeScript and WebAssembly packages and mapping and charting libraries.

Powered by:

DUCKDB WASM with it’s Spatial Extension, Httpfs extension,iceberg extension, postgres/mysql/odbc scanner, sqlite scanner, JSON, AWS other extensions. (we don’t need to use duckdb format or even parquet/geoparquet spatial extension allows any OGR format to be queried)

Spatialite SPL.JS WASM – (spatialite can work with GPKG vector features, Spatialite, Shapefile, GeoJSON, KML/KMZ, GPX, CSV/TSV, Excel, OGC WFS and ESRI FeatureServer as WFS)

GDAL3.JS WASM – using this to process user data into optimized formats compatible with the application – take an ESRI FileGDB, PersonalGDB, Mapinfo, Shapefile, other format and convert to GPKG, GeoJSON, PMTILES Vector tiles or GeoParquet. Convert Raster formats (small) to Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF.

Serving Map Tiles via PMTILES – Vector Tiles, Raster Tiles, Terrain-Elevation Tiles (heightmap RGB PNG encoded Mapzen or Mapbox Terrain-RGB compatible)

Viewing COG GeoTIFF via a Cloud Hosted COG Tile Server from Radiant Earth and delivering the data as dynamic XYZ Raster Tiles

Supporting OGC GPKG data via NGA GeoPackage-JS –rending big geospatial data (points, lines and polygons) as dynamic raster tiles.

For offering in-browser data conversion, spatial analysis, spatial searching, spatial functions and delivering optimized query results to map view and dashboard view.

Show attribute grid/table with filters

Using MapLibre GL JS (fork of MapBox GL JS) (however this could apply to Leaflet, OpenLayers, Terriajs, ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript, DeckGL, Cesium)

Using Apache Echarts for the Business Intelligence Dashboard Widgets, charts and guages

This solution will allow connecting to both data hosted in Data Lakes and databases/data warehouses that are cloud accessible. (Postgres, MySQL, ODBC and even SQLite)

Rasters in GeoParquet/Parquet and leverage Duckdb WASM to perform analysis

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