Windows Tile Server

Windows Tile Server

Windows Desktop Application with installer for easily configuring a machine as a tile server for on the same machine access or access to data across a local network.With advanced feature vector tiles2 raster tiles and advanced mapviewer.


Serves MBTILES Raster Tiles

Serves MBTILES Vector Tiles

Serves GPKG Raster Tiles

Serves OpenMap Tiles OpenStreetMap Vector Tiles as Raster Tiles

Tile URL’s available as Standard XYZ  or OGC WMTS

Discover Webpage endpoint

Services JSON response endpoint

get capabilities WMTS endpoint

Advanced MapViewer endpoint

Static file hosting/serving


more information can be found at:

Windows Data Tester App

Windows Data Tester App

Tech Maven Geospatial, LLC is proud to announce our new Map Data Tester/Explorer Desktop App.

It’s a Windows 10 UWP app based on ESRI ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET C#

Load local Raster and Vector Data

TPK – Raster Tile Package

VTPK – Vector Tile Package

GPKG – OGC GeoPackage Raster Tiles and Vector Features

TIF, SID, JP2 Raster Imagery

Load Tile Server URL’s

Raster Tiles

ESRI Vector Tiles with Style

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