Special Promotional Period for Mobile Apps

Special Promotional Period for Mobile Apps

Tech Maven Geospatial has decided to offer our apps for free for a few months to solicit feedback, get reviews and ratings and build a good community around our products.

We are NOT advertising or selling data or performing any tracking

The next versions of our apps will include free trial and then in-app purchase to unlock the app and also in-app purchases for unlocking additional capabilities and data

We are kindly asking that you please take the opportunity to leave a review and send your comments/suggestions/feedback to feedback at techmaven.net

Chromebook GIS – Mapping Apps

We’ve tested our Android apps on several Chromebooks https://portfolio.techmaven.net/apps/chromebook-gis-mapping-apps/  some with touchscreen some without.

Another way of accessing GIS Mapping Data via our feature rich apps.

We are building custom versions to suit any need and requirement maps@techmaven.net

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