Upcoming Event Tech Maven Geospatial Speack at GEOINT SYMPOSIUM in St Louis Missouri

Map Data Explorer iOS and Android 1.0 Launched

Map Data Explorer

Map Data Explorer iOS and Android 

1.0 has launched Nov 2022

We are excited about this FLUTTER (DART) Mobile Mapping and Field Data Collection app and all the user cases it solves

We are using this platform to build custom versions https://mapexplorer.techmaven.net/custom-versions/

and Selling source code

Review our short term roadmap and please make recommendations and other feedback https://mapexplorer.techmaven.net/coming-soon/

Perfect companion app to TAK ecosystem – iTAK and ATAK https://mapexplorer.techmaven.net/companion-app-to-tak/

Geo Data Collector 1.0 iOS has launched!


Geo Data Collector iOS has officially launched on July 27, 2022!

We’ve been working extremely hard on this app for several years


We’ve got a big ambitious roadmap and we know field workers/surveyors will love this app

It really streamlines workflows and makes it easy to collect data and share collected data




Presenting/Speaking at GEOINT SYMPOSIUM about Modern Geospatial architectures in the Cloud

Presenting/Speaking at GEOINT SYMPOSIUM about Modern Geospatial architectures in the Cloud

Jordan Bess owner of Tech Maven Geospatial will be presenting

Modern Geospatial architectures in the Cloud

Tuesday, April 26th from 7:30-8:30 am MT in Willow Lake 1-2.



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Users will understand the new modern paradigm of functional serverless computing, managed databases and scalable ETL processes and being able to construct solutions powered by FOSS4G technologies
Users will get an introduction into AWS GovCloud Storing Geospatial and Attribute data in RDS Aurora PostgreSQL/PostGIS and Open Source Package KOOPJS and/or CrunchyData’s PG_TileServ and PG_FeatureServ to deliver dynamic PBF Vector Tiles and Query Searchable Endpoints that also return JSON/GeoJSON/GML (GeoServices REST API/FeatureServer and OGC API Features) from the database.

Setting up Lambda Functions (Serverless computing) for working with the database and the data API, working with GDAL/OGR and python packages for geospatial ETL operations

Delivering Common Operating Picture (COP) Geospatial Map/Dashboards using MapBox GL JS and Terriajs with catalog based data loading.

Setting up serverless functions for working with Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) and delivering as XYZ/WMTS Tiles to map clients and searching on this data with STAC – Spatial Temporal Asset Catalog

Delivering LowCode full CRUD applications with the spatial editing/geometry updating

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