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Participation in the OGC GPKG Vector Tiles RBT Basemap Code Sprint and Engineering Report

Tech Maven Geospatial is participating in the Releasable Basemap Tiles GeoPackage

We were asked to participate by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the US Army Geospatial Center

the goal is to develop a draft specification for the NSG VTIS Volume 2: Basemap Tile Packages (BTP), which stores Mapbox Vector Tiles (MVTs) in a GeoPackage in the World Mercator Projection (EPSG:3395).

We have Ready to Go Solutions that support GeoPackage!

Serve Geospatial Data in GPKG GeoPackage as Mapping Services (XYZ, TMS, WMTS and OGC API Features)

  • Geo Data Server – Windows
  • Portable Tile Server – Android

Create GPKG

  • Map Tiling App
  • Offline Map Data Generator

Convert Map Tiles  – TIle Utilities

Clip area of Interest/Operation – Tile Utilities

View GeoPackage Data

  • Map Discovery iOS and Android and WIndows
  • Map Data Explorer iOS and Android
  • Earth Explorer 3D Map IOS and Android
  • GeoNames Map Explorer iOS
  • Geo Data Collector iOS

Tile Conversion API that supports GPKG Vector Tiles

We’ve open sourced a python script to build GPKG Vector Tiles from folder of tiles or mbtiles



(Map Tiles format – Vector Tiles, Raster Tiles, Terrain-Elevation Tiles)

Map Tiling app  – Convert GeoTIFF Raster to Raster PMTILES, Converts GIS Vector Data into PMTILES Vector Tiles https://maptiling.techmaven.net/

Tile Utilities App  Convert MBTILES or GPKG to PMTILES or Folder of Tiles to PMTILES  https://portfolio.techmaven.net/apps/tile-utilities/

Map Data Explorer iOS and Android  powered by MapBox works offline with local PMTILES   https://mapexplorer.techmaven.net


PMTiles is a single-file archive format for pyramids of tiled data. A PMTiles archive can be hosted on a storage platform like S3, and enables low-cost, zero-maintenance map applications.


  • PMTiles is a general format for tiled data addressed by Z/X/Y coordinates. This can be cartographic basemap vector tiles, remote sensing observations, JPEG images, or more.
  • PMTiles readers use HTTP Range Requests to fetch only the relevant tile or metadata inside a PMTiles archive on-demand.
  • The arrangement of tiles and directories is designed to minimize the amount of overhead requests when panning and zooming.

The current specification version of PMTiles is version 3, which you can read on GitHub.

We will be expanding PMTILES support in our solutions expect more of our apps to support PMTILES.

GEOINT Apps Update

GEOINT Apps Update

GEOINT Apps Update

as of March 2021 the Department of Defense removed Tech Maven Geospatial from the NGA GEOINT App Store


for November/December 2021 we will be launching on Commercial App Stores – Apple App Store and Google Play Store

GEOINT Data Explorer iOS 

GeoNames Map Explorer iOS

1.0  Apple App Store launches of these apps previously on the GEOINT App Store

  • Military Symbology APP6/MilSpec2525
  • GRG Builder – Grid Reference Graphic
  • Range Rings/Distance Rings
  • Live Location Tracking/Blue Force Tracking via Traccar
  • Advanced GeoPackage Support
  • Weather features
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