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Announcing Release of New Version GEOINT DATA EXPLORER 1.0.0 iOS NGA’s GEOINT App Store

Announcing Release of New Version GEOINT DATA EXPLORER 1.0.0 iOS NGA’s GEOINT App Store

GEOINT DATA EXPLORER – *Version 1.0.0* launched on NGA’s GEOINT APP STORE

GEOINT DATA EXPLORER is a rapid data visualization and discovery mapping app that works equally well offline into disconnected limited availability environments (D-DIL) as well as when partially or fully connecting to online mapping services, tile layers and catalogs. The Map has powerful data management and built-in tools for analysis and display of geospatial data.

GEOINT Data Explorer is meant to be a mobile GEOINT Toolkit that facilitates GIS Data Visualization, Discovery, Mapping,Data Creation and Editing and Analysis App that works 2D and 3D!
Fast performance, easily control the display of your data and mashup local and internet data, perform rapid analysis, data creation, editing, and visualization.

App Features & Capabilities

  • Spatial Analysis
  • Map controls
  • Bookmarks
  • Add point, line, polygon features
  • Paint

Supported Formats:

  • GeoPackage Raster Tiles
  • GeoPackage Vector features
  • MBTiles Raster tiles
  • MBTiles Vector tiles
  • MBTiles Elevation tiles
  • GeoJSON
  • KML
  • Shapefile
  • CSV point data
  • GeoTagged Photos
  • OpenStreetMap Basemap tiles with style picker and optional Contour and Hillshade


Vector Tiles MBTiles

Raster Tiles MBTiles

SPOT Elevation and Terrain Profile Views

OSM Vector Tiles 

Configure Mouse Over & Labels

The app can be used for Mission Planning and pre-flight planning. Review airspaces, Elevation information and other datasets like AVDAFIF or AeroApp mbtiles.

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