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Earth Explorer – Version 1.0.0 launched on Google Play Store for Android.


Earth Explorer is a 3D Globe with Augmented Reality (Control View with your device’s sensors GPS/GNSS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, other).

Users can load local vector data to the map.Supported formats are:

  • GeoJSON,
  • KML/KMZ,
  • GPX,
  • CZML,
  • CSV – Comma Separated Value Text file – with Latitude and Longitude or with known column/field names like state, zipcode,country and other regional mapping fields
  • JSON Catalog files – data layers defined in a JSON file.

Users can load online mapping services:

  • ESRI Dynamic REST Mapping Services (MapServer, FeatureServer,ImageServer)
  • OGC Mapping Services (WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS)
  • Raster Tile Servers – XYZ URL
  • Vector Tile Server – XYZ URL

If users have Vector Data in other formats, they can upload to our server and have it converted and sent back to app/map as GeoJSON.


  • Measure Linear and Area
  • Search and Geocode
  • Raster Tile Basemap Picker – uses BING
  • Maps, Open Street Map, CartoDB
  • Basemaps, Stamen Basemaps, ESRI Basemaps
  • Split/Map Swipe to compare layers
  • Switch map between 3D Terrain, 2D or 3D Smooth
  • Geolocation show your location on the map
  • Tilt Map
  • Rotate Map
  • Table of Contents and Map Legend and ability to re-order data layers by dragging
  • Displays Coordinates in Lat Long or UTM
  • Drop Markers
  • Copy Lat Long
  • Ability to download tables from data loaded
  • Zoom to Extent of Data
  • Charting
  • Timeslider on Spatialtemporal datasets
  • Export/Print PNG/PDF of Map
  • Share Link and Embed code
  • View Metadata (data about data)
  • Re-Order Table of Contents Items
  • Search CKAN/CSW/SOCRATA OpenData
  • Sites if Catalog file imported
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