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We have integrated it in our mobile apps

  • Go to coordinate
  • coordinate converter
  • location share feature


“y”: “31.77311933”,
“x”: “-86.86645512”,
“gars”: “187LD18”,
“what3words”: “cook.breezed.beanstalk”,
“pluscode”: “863MQ4FM+6C”,
“mgrs”: “16REA1264415295”,
“elevation”: 115.82,
“placekey”: “@8gn-2n3-3yv”

Go To Coordinate

Coordinate Converter

PlaceKey support will be added to:

1.2 GeoNames Map Explorer iOS

1.1 Earth Explorer 3D Map App for Apple App Store and Google Play Store and 1.0 of Geoint App store

1.1 GEOINT Data Explorer

1.1 Geo Data Explorer Android Google Play

1.0 Geo Data Explorer iOS Apple App Store

1.0 MapDiscovery iOS and Android

1.1 Portable Tile Server

Earth Explorer 3D Map app iOS and Android with PlaceKey support

Go to PlaceKey

Convert PlaceKey to Lat Long (coordinate converter)

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