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We are excited about the roadmap of products and services, data and apps we are planning.

Map Discovery Windows

New Windows Advanced Mapping App Map Discovery's the perfect app for your Vehicle/Rig mounted computer or laptop. Easy to use - rapidly consume and connect to online and offline data via Catalog (JSON) data loading....

Geospatial Data Servers

Tech Maven Geospatial is proud to release Geo Data Server 3D Scene Server

Map Data Explorer 1.1

We are proud to release 1.1 of Map Data Explorer a truly fast and powerful and flexible mapping app ​​

Earth Explorer 3D Map 1.1

We are thrilled to release 1.1 of Earth Explorer 3D Map ​​

Map Data Explorer iOS and Android 1.0 Launched Map Data Explorer iOS and Android  1.0 has launched Nov 2022 We are excited about this FLUTTER (DART) Mobile Mapping and Field Data Collection app and all the user cases it solves We are using this platform to build custom versions...

Geo Data Collector 1.0 iOS has launched! Geo Data Collector iOS has officially launched on July 27, 2022! We've been working extremely hard on this app for several years We've got a big ambitious roadmap and we...

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